[Live-devel] -H option for -q results in incorrect total time

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Fri Nov 5 09:00:15 PST 2004

>I've run across what might be a bug in the Hinting of .mov files. When 
>recording a 30sec test track it results in a 3:39min track in Quicktime Player.

In order to be able to deal with bug reports like this, I'm going to need 
both of the following:

1a/ The publically accessible (i.e., not stuck behind a firewall) "rtsp://" 
URL of a stream that illustrates the problem, *or*
1b/ The publically accessible "http://" URL of a hinted QuickTime file 
that  - when streamed by a Darwin Streaming Server - will produce a stream 
that illustrates the following.


2/ Explicit instructions (i.e., an "openRTSP" command line) on how to 
reproduce the problem.

>As a side note: I'm still having troubles reading the MP4 files. 
>mp4info/mp4creator (MPEG4IP.net) and MP4Box (GPAC) cant read the files. 
>they note that they are missing atoms.

If QuickTime Player can read/play these files OK, but this other software 
cannot, then you should complain to the authors of this other software.

	Ross Finlayson

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