[Live-devel] H263plusVideoRTPSink

David Skiba skiba at avaya.com
Fri Nov 5 14:40:41 PST 2004

I am trying to stream H263 content to VLC or QTPlayer.

I have a question about the content I need to deliver. 


I modified the testMPEG1or2VideoStreamer sample to use 

H263plusVideoRTPSink. I am using ByteStreamFileSource.cpp

as the source for my data. When ever doGetNextFrame instead

of reading from disk I call my H263 encode routine to encode a static

image and pass that back. 


1. Do I need to add a header to my data before I pass it back? It seems

that H263plusVideoRTPSink is expecting two bytes of 0x00 on the front

of the data. When looking at RFC2190 it describes an H.263 payload header

before the bitstream. Is that something I need to add in addition to the two

0x00 bytes?


2. When I do have the two bytes of 0x00 in front of my data the VLC message

window gives me endless "main warning: late picture skipped" messages.


I am not sure if the problem is with my encoding or with my data
presentation to

the doGetNextFrame method. 


Thanks for your help,



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