[Live-devel] 3 questions

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Mon Nov 22 02:45:14 PST 2004

>1. I have streaming working properly using H263, however the image
>streamed is always the same size, regardless of the actual dimensions
>of the frame of data I'm sending in. I cannot find any sort of "frame
>dimension" setting in any of the liveMedia objects. Am I missing
>something obvious?

The frame dimensions are specified (perhaps implicitly; I'm not sure) in 
the H.263 video header (not the RTP header, the header that begins each 
H.263 video frame).

>2. Although I have gotten MPEG4 working, in theory, no image is
>actually streaming. I am using Quicktime to compress my video frames,
>and then serve them back to liveMedia. Although this works fine with
>H263, nothing is actually streaming with Mpeg4. My doGetNextFrame() is
>being called regularly, so I'm reasonably certain that I've added the
>correct Sources and Sinks, but VLC isn't getting anything... Has anyone
>gotten RAM-based MPEG4 streaming working? Again, I am sure I'm missing
>something obvious.
>3. Likewise for JPEG streaming. Any tips there? Again, I'm using
>QuickTime as my compressor, but I get no results, regardless of which
>jpeg codec I use (jpeg, mjpa, mjpb).

Remember that VLC is not the only RTSP/RTP client that you have 
available.  You also have "openRTSP".  You can use this to test your 
server  - in particular, to see what, if any, data you are actually 
receiving.  See <http://www.live.com/openRTSP/>

	Ross Finlayson

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