[Live-devel] 3 questions

Jeremy Bernstein jeremy at bootsquad.com
Mon Nov 22 11:06:46 PST 2004

Hi list,

I've got 3 questions related, at the moment, to using liveMedia under 
OSX, although these probably apply to my future expansion of it to 

1. I have streaming working properly using H263, however the image 
streamed is always the same size, regardless of the actual dimensions 
of the frame of data I'm sending in. I cannot find any sort of "frame 
dimension" setting in any of the liveMedia objects. Am I missing 
something obvious?

2. Although I have gotten MPEG4 working, in theory, no image is 
actually streaming. I am using Quicktime to compress my video frames, 
and then serve them back to liveMedia. Although this works fine with 
H263, nothing is actually streaming with Mpeg4. My doGetNextFrame() is 
being called regularly, so I'm reasonably certain that I've added the 
correct Sources and Sinks, but VLC isn't getting anything... Has anyone 
gotten RAM-based MPEG4 streaming working? Again, I am sure I'm missing 
something obvious.

3. Likewise for JPEG streaming. Any tips there? Again, I'm using 
QuickTime as my compressor, but I get no results, regardless of which 
jpeg codec I use (jpeg, mjpa, mjpb).

I can send code in, if necessary, although since most of it is ripped 
off from the examples, it probably won't enlighten... Thanks a lot -


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