[Live-devel] RTCP not closed right

vincent van der locht vincent.van.der.locht at axon.tv
Tue Nov 23 11:59:29 PST 2004


I'm using a RTSP server and a RTSP client in one application, but when 
the RTCP Client is closed i get an error.
It's looks like the RTCP socket and objects aren't cleaned up right.

how should i clean these up?

this is the backtrace from GDB:
#0  0x080871df in BasicHashTable::Iterator::next(char const*&) 
(this=0x92d8b08, key=@0x0) at BasicHashTable.cpp:104
#1  0x08060416 in RTPReceptionStatsDB::Iterator::next(unsigned) 
(this=0xbfec2e20, includeInactiveSources=0) at RTPSource.cpp:161
#2  0x0806855b in RTCPInstance::enqueueCommonReportSuffix() 
(this=0x92c8ae8) at RTCP.cpp:626
#3  0x080684a2 in RTCPInstance::addRR() (this=0x92c8ae8) at RTCP.cpp:590
#4  0x080683a7 in RTCPInstance::addReport() (this=0x0) at RTCP.cpp:556
#5  0x08068215 in RTCPInstance::sendReport() (this=0x92c8ae8) at 
#6  0x08068a5c in SendRTCPReport (e=0x0) at RTCP.cpp:813
#7  0x08068cde in OnExpire (e=0x92c8ae8, members=1, senders=0, 
rtcp_bw=3200, we_sent=0, avg_rtcp_size=0x92c8c60, initial=0x92c8c68, 
    tp=0x92c8c6c, pmembers=0x0) at rtcp_from_spec.c:202
#8  0x0806892a in RTCPInstance::onExpire1() (this=0x92c8ae8) at RTCP.cpp:761
#9  0x08068378 in RTCPInstance::onExpire(RTCPInstance*) 
(instance=0x92c8ae8) at RTCP.cpp:545
#10 0x080875a8 in AlarmHandler::handleTimeout() (this=0x92d8bf8) at 
#11 0x08086b8f in DelayQueue::handleAlarm() (this=0x92c000c) at 
#12 0x08086431 in BasicTaskScheduler::SingleStep(unsigned) 
(this=0x92c0008, maxDelayTime=0) at BasicTaskScheduler.cpp:93
#13 0x08085d6b in BasicTaskScheduler0::doEventLoop(char*) 
(this=0x92c0008, watchVariable=0x0) at BasicTaskScheduler0.cpp:74
#14 0x08049926 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbfec3164) at UsageEnvironment.hh:45


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