[Live-devel] How to convert mpeg-4 program stream tompeg-4 transport stream

Mike Yan mikey at tlcwatch.com
Thu Mar 3 12:06:56 PST 2005

Hi Ross

Here is the link of mpeg-4 program stream file:

I tried to use existing code to convert this file. It seems only audio
portion of the PS file works.

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>I have one question that if live.com library supports converting from
>program stream to mpeg-4 transport stream. I knew current library supports
>converting from mpeg-2 program stream to mpeg-2 transport stream.

I think that the current code will work for MPEG-4, perhaps with some small 
changes.  (E.g., you may need to make some changes to the "stream_id" 
testing in "MPEG2TransportStreamFromPESSource::afterGettingFrame1()".

If you could point me at an example of a "MPEG-4 Program Stream" file, then 
that would be useful.

	Ross Finlayson

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