[Live-devel] How to convert mpeg-4 program stream tompeg-4transport stream

Mike Yan mikey at tlcwatch.com
Mon Mar 14 12:24:06 PST 2005

Yes Ross,

That is what I am looking for. To use my custom file handle instead of
standard handles (like stdin, stdout, stderr). Not only in
"ByteStreamFileSource" class, also in "FileSink" Class. If using custom file
handle, programmers should manipulate their own file handles outside the
live library like open file and close file. 

I think the ways you add this optional ability are better, so I accept that.

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>I have another question that I have modified the library a little bit to
>my project. Should I publish my updated version of live.com's source code?
>If I need to send the modified code to public, should I send the whole
>project or just the changed .cpp and .hh files?
>The change was made for letting programmers use their own created file
>handle instead of standard ouput file handle(stdout or stderr) to receiving
>data stream from live.com buffer.


 From looking at your changes, it appears that what you were really looking 
for was the ability to create a "ByteStreamFileSource" from an open file 
(rather than from a file name), and also to have this open file *not* be 
closed automatically when the "ByteStreamFileSource" is deleted.  Is this 

If so, then I should be able to give you this ability by providing a new 
(optional) variant of "ByteStreamFileSource::createNew()" that has - 
instead of a "fileName" parameter - two parameters:
         - FILE* fid
         - Boolean deleteFidOnClose = False

Would this give you what you are looking for?

	Ross Finlayson

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