[Live-devel] LIVE version control

xcsmith at rockwellcollins.com xcsmith at rockwellcollins.com
Mon Oct 30 08:20:31 PST 2006

Can you tell me anything about what sort of inspection, testing, and
approval patches go through before they become an official part of the
LIVE555 library?  I am a somewhat new programmer, and I am having trouble
convincing my higher ups to allow me to keep the library up to date.  They
seem to believe that every LIVE release is considered an "unstable"
version, and so are reluctant to upgrade.  In the meanwhile, I see patches
and updates going by on the mail list for classes that we use, but I don't
understand the problems well enough to decide whether or not the patches
affect us nor how necessary they are.

The latest version we've acquired is 2006.08.26.  Which I think might be
the one right before there were some changes related to
asynchronous/synchronous reading.

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