[Live-devel] Unable to receive multicast video stream on Windows XP

Brain Lai brainlai at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 09:12:49 PST 2007

Dear Sir:

Multicast applications on Windows platform seem to have a problem. After
doing some experiments with your test program, I found the openRTSP agent
compiled with VC6 fails to receive video stream multicast by
testMPEG4VideoStreamer on Linux(that is, getNextFrame() never get a frame
after RTSP PLAY response). However, the cross-compiled(mingw32) version of
openRTSP succeeds! Since VLC for win32 is also cross-compiled, it also has
no problem.

Using wireshark(previous ethreal) to capture the network packets, I found
that the cross-compiled version sent IGMP V3 membership message to join the
multicast group but the VC6 compiled version doesn't.

I am not familiar with Windows socket programming but there seems something
missing or wrong. Do you ever get into this trouble and solve it?

BTW, all the tests link to the latest live555.

Brain Lai
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