[Live-devel] Multicast session question

Yedidia Amit amit.yedidia at elbitsystems.com
Mon Dec 1 21:06:09 PST 2008

Thank Ross. 
I was thinking the same way but got problem with the "describe". When
calling sdpLine() no parameter is being passed ,which make it very
difficult for distiguishing between different clients.
I'm using multicast sessions which may cause some clients not to send
any idea?


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		Following my previous questions I want to create a
situation where one source is sent to two different multicast address.

		For that I am using passiveMediaSubsession where I add
both destination to the sink.

		I want to generate 2 sessions that whoever asks
"describe" for the first will receive in the sdp the first multicast

		and whoever asks "describe" for the second session will
receive in the sdp the second multicast address.

	It sounds like you need your own "ServerMediaSubsession"
subclass, similar to (but different from)

	In particular, you will need to write your own implementation of
the "getStreamParameters()" virtual function.  Each call to this
function can result in a different multicast address being used (if
that's what you want).  You can also use the "clientSessionId" parameter
to distinguish between clients, so that your other virtual functions can
know which client was given which multicast address.

	Ross Finlayson
	Live Networks, Inc.

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