[Live-devel] Live555server Video Stream Slowdown

deasta at aol.com deasta at aol.com
Fri Oct 3 09:46:25 PDT 2008

When streaming certain transport stream files (making a request from an RTSP client to the server), the server does not play the video at the expected speed. An example of the video is at <http://www.w6rz.net/>. The file <http://www.w6rz.net/parkrun1280_12mbps.ts> streamed from the server is much slower than it should be. Additionally, it seems as though that playback is not steady, meaning it looks as if it keeps a constant speed (the slower speed), and periodically jumps ahead a little. When requesting the file in trick modes, such as fast play of 2x, the file takes longer to stream.

My decoder is running at very low CPU utilization and not having any problems decoding the video, it simply appears as if the media server is throttling the video at a slower rate.

Single speed playback using VLC does not exhibit this issue. Not all transport streams exhibit this issue either.

I am wondering if the video is being throttle to compensate for the audio timing. Is there anyway to configure the server to make video the priority and drop audio based on timing problems?


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