[Live-devel] Reviewing RTPSource.cpp

Guy Bonneau gbonneau at matrox.com
Thu Oct 16 08:15:09 PDT 2008

Minor comment about RTPSource.cpp.
While reading the code for some understanding of the internal mecanism I
across the code.
double timeDiff 
  = timestampDiff/(double)(fOurRTPSource.timestampFrequency());

in method RTPReceptionStats::noteIncomingPacket.

But the method already receive that value as parameter:
unsigned timestampFrequency.

Thus the code can be changed to

double timeDiff 
  = timestampDiff/(double)(timestampFrequency);

I believe this change make keeping a reference to fOurRTPSource
In class RTPReceptionStats and RTPReceptionStatsDB useless.

Or I missed something!

Guy Bonneau

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