[Live-devel] Question regarding seeking and using epoch time.

Morgan Tørvolt morgan.torvolt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 08:15:33 PDT 2008

Hi all.

I wish to use the offset parameter in live to access saved data from a
video source. My plan was to save this low bandwidth stream in files
with a short duration and a filename based on epoch. This way I could
have as long a backlog as I wanted, and still access it easily. My
problem is that the current value of epoch is way higher than the
precision of the float that is used in both openRTSP and the live
library at the moment. Using double instead of float troughout the
library when handling the seek times would solve this problem.

Obviously this usage is way outside what this parameter is meant to be
used for, but it seems as if the RTSP protocol supports it. If I run
openRTSP with -s 1223990137, the log contains this:
Range: npt=1223990144.000-
which is not far off the position I wanted. My server plays from the
ntp position correctly it seems.

Is there an interest in "fixing" this in the live555 library? If so, I
will try to dig trough it all and submit a patch. If not, I will just
fix my local copy.

Best Regards

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