[Live-devel] Some questions need your help!

Kuei-Yi auto.web at msa.hinet.net
Fri Oct 24 07:13:23 PDT 2008

Hi Ross, all,

I have some questions as follows:


1. I want to write an application. I hope it can receive and send video
streaming at the same time. In that case, should I open two
BasicTaskSchedulers and two UsageEnvironments? Or, just only one
BasicTaskScheduler and one UsageEnvironment is enough?


2. I have a device which acts as a real-time MPEG4 video streaming server.
It resides at rtsp://adm:12345@ I can use the
example of openRTSP program to communicate with it. But I read the example
of openRTSP program a lot of times and I still cannot understand one thing
which is ‘Where has the continuously received video stream gone?’. Where
can I find it?


3. This is an extension to question 2. I have objects of MPEG4ESVideoRTPSink
and MPEG4GenericRTPSink. Which one can be used to contain the video stream
coming from video streaming server?



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