[Live-devel] rtsp client and server in the same app

Mat Laibowitz mlaibow.davinci at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 02:20:48 PDT 2008

So I have made it pretty far referencing the complete source code and the
test programs.
But I am a bit stuck on one issue.
I have built a RTSP server with a custom FrameSource that talks to my
hardware for encoding.
This works great, it uses the background read handling and can be received
by openRTSP or mplayer or vlc or quicktime without fail.

I have also created a custom client based on openRTSP that talks to my
hardware to decode the stream and display it on the framebuffer or record it
to a file. This also works great and when the two programs are on different
nodes the client can receive from the server.

If I put them both on the same node, they also work, provided that I turn
off the connection to the hardware enc/dec in one of the programs (the
client will just record the mpeg4 stream to file and not decode it and
display it).
This is because of a limit of the platform that I can only access the
hardware codec from one process/program.

So I am trying to combine the client and the server in one application.
The code is essentially the same, it just uses one environment and one call
to the task loop.

The RTSP server starts up fine and I can receive the video anywhere
including with a version of the same application with the server and
hardware decoding turned off.

However, the client always fails when started from the same program as the
The error message is:
Failed to get a SDP description from URL "rtsp://":
 Failed to read response: Cannot assign requested address

I am guessing that the client somehow is trying to use some resource that is
already in use by the server. But I am not sure what that can be. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. I thought it was a port or sockets problem at
first, but one is a client and one is a server, and they both work if they
are in separate programs on the same device.

Thanks for a great system, I am quite happy to have my devices streaming
video between them, I just need to solve this one integration issue and it
will be great.

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