[Live-devel] optimising openRTSP

Anoop P.A. Anoop_P.A at pmc-sierra.com
Wed Oct 29 02:54:28 PDT 2008

Hi Ross,

I have profiled my system and found that around 8.7 % time is being spend in Reordering Packet Buffer <<OpenRTSP_profiling.log>> 
VMA      samples   %time   App-name      Symbol-name
00465778 35862     8.7658  openRTSP ReorderingPacketBuffer::storePacket(BufferedPacket*) 

And around 3.4 % time is being spend in  

00463ac8 13521     3.3049  openRTSP                 seqNumLT(unsigned short, unsigned short)

I am attaching entire oprofilelog for openRTSP log kindly help me with some suggestion to dig out the problem 

PS. These logs captured while recording 16 mjpeg streams (each with 20 FPS and 32KB framesize)


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>I have cross compiled openRTSP for mips platform and I am using its for
>recording mjpeg streams(30fps frame rate 32kb frame size). I need to run
>multiple instances of  this client ( say 16). But the problem is one
>openRTSP client consuming around 12% of CPU time.

That's strange, considering that the application - after it does the 
RTSP protocol exchange - does little more than sitting in a loop, 
reading data from a network socket and then writing it to a 
file.  (It also adds a JPEG header for each frame.)

>  So it is difficult to
>run more than 6 clients sessions without considerable packet loss. How
>do I optimize openRTSP application??

I don't know.  You're first going to have to figure out where it's 
spending most of its CPU time, and why.

	Ross Finlayson
	Live Networks, Inc. (LIVE555.COM)

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