[Live-devel] Doubt on Multiple sub-sessions

Ganesh V ganesh_vijayan at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 3 07:58:17 PDT 2009

Dear Experts,

I am trying to demux an incoming stream into individual video and audio streams. I have created 2 sinks for the same and am able to set it up also. However, I am facing a small issue.

When I dump the video stream and observe the same, I observe that I am able to get SPS, PPS and Slices but without NALU start code i.e. 00 00 00 01. The first data coming out of my buffer is 67 .. However, when I use openRTSP, I am able to dump the H.264 stream without any issues. I am surprised that NALU start codes are missing and am debugging further with openRTSP. 

My setup is as follows:
- RTSP Server: VLM server streaming out an AVI file
- Sink: My own sink which is similar to FileSink Implementation. All the functionalities of FileSink have been implemented.

Have I missed something in my implementation? 

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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