[Live-devel] TrackId= Vs track in a=control:<track-id>

BONNEAU Guy gbonneau at miranda.com
Thu Jan 7 06:58:43 PST 2010

Yes you're right! I dug out the RTSP specification and I have to agree
with your comment ! I'll check that with the vendor of the RTSP client.

BTW while digging in the specification RFC 2326 I found that section 3.4
says that the session Identifiers MUST be chosen randomly and MUST be at
least eight octets long to make guessing it more difficult. Yet a fast
look at the live555 library code seems to show that is doesn't choose a
random session ID and is not at least 8 octets long. Could you please


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>>I have an RTSP client (not live555) that complains of the
>>a=control:track format used by the RTSP server (live555 application)
>>implementation of the live555 library. When I change the code of the
>>library to use a=control:trackID= the RTSP client doesn`t complain
>>anymore. The examples in the RTSP specification use the format
>Actually, the RTSP specification (RFC 2326) uses several different
>example track names - "audio.en", "audio", "video", "streamid=0",
>"movie.aud", "movie.vid", "trackID=1", "trackID=2".  All are legal,
>as is "track<n>", which is what our server uses.
>If your client assumes that a track name - specified by the server -
>will be in one particular form only, then it's broken, and should be
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