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I am also trying to do what Karan is trying to do. I enabled port forwarding
on port 8554 on my system to allow the incoming packets from being blocked
by the firewall (from a connection outside of my network). The connection is
getting established, but no packets are being received. Can anyone help me
with this?


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 12:04 AM, Ross Finlayson <finlayson at live555.com>wrote:

>   I am new to openRTSP. I have installed the live555 streaming server on my
>> computer.
>> I am able to stream mp3 files locally through vlc media player but how to
>> stream it globally.?
>> I mean on which is connected in LAN to my pc streaming is done
>> but I want to check it globally by assigning my global IP..
> Look at the "rtsp://" URL that the "LIVE555 Media Server" application
> prints when it starts out.  If the IP address in this URL is a local IP
> address (e.g.,, then just replace it by your server computer's
> *global* IP address.  Your clients (on the Internet) should then be able to
> use that URL to access your server.
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