[Live-devel] GroupsockHelper for Android

Chase, Brian P [US] (MS) Brian.Chase at ngc.com
Wed Oct 10 10:52:00 PDT 2018

Good day,

In the GroupsockHelper.cpp file there are couple of preprocessor conditional blocks that populate a struct differently depending on whether the platform is Android or anything else. With the latest version of Android's Native Development Kit (NDK), version 17, the headers included define that struct the same way as the other platforms, thus breaking the code in those preprocessor blocks.

Therefore, I propose to that the "#ifdef __ANDROID__" lines be replace with "#if ANDROID_NDK_OLD" and such as the following block added amidst the other '#include's:

#ifdef __ANDROID_NDK__
#include <android/ndk-version.h>
#define ANDROID_OLD_NDK __NDK_MAJOR__ < 17

I hope these changes will be useful. I have attached a patch file and resulting source file for clarity. Have a blessed day.

-Brian P. Chase

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