[Live-devel] Live555 DLL rather than static libs

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I agree completely.  I would never  want you to put Microsoftisms into your code.  Neither do I want to modify your code, and maintain and publish it forever.

Would you consider doing the following:

1. Making the public class OutPacketBuffer member "maxSize" in mediaSink.hh private.
2. Add the two methods below.
3. Replace the few references to OutPacket::maxSize with these calls.

This would allow the code to work in all environments, including the strange world of Microsoft.


static unsigned getMaxSize()
	return maxSize;

static void setMaxSize(unsigned int nSize)
		maxSize = nSize;

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Sorry, but I will never corrupt the source code by adding non-standard Microsoft-specific bullshit.

However, the LGPLv3 license allows you to modify the source code yourself, as long as you distribute your changes along with your product.

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