[Live-devel] streaming WAV files...

Matthew Romaine Matthew.Romaine at jp.sony.com
Fri Apr 9 20:34:40 PDT 2004

hm, the connection seems to be timing out; i'm connecting from Tokyo, 
so maybe the bandwidth isn't quite enough (assuming you're somewhere in 
the U.S.)

i'll take your word for it that it works; i'll see if i can track it 
down; i'm going to assume since streaming mp3s works, it's an issue 
with reading the wav file and not with network packetizing.

i'm not very familiar with network code, so if you think of places in 
the pipeline where byte-packing might be influenced by endianness, do 
let me know.


On 2004/04/09, at 19:06, Ross Finlayson wrote:

>> Okay, here's the file I'm trying to stream which plays fine with a 
>> regular audio player but comes across the network as noise:
>> http://www.audiolicious.com/misc/test.wav
> Matt,
> This file streams OK for me.  I am streaming from 
> "testOnDemandRTSPServer" running on FreeBSD, and playing the stream 
> successfully on Windows (using both VLC and QuickTime Player).
> I have left my server (FreeBSD) running  at
>         rtsp://
> (I'll leave this running until at least 1700 UTC Friday.)
> Are you able to play this stream successfully (using VLC and/or 
> QuickTime Player) on your client machines?  (Note that the stream is 
> ~1.4 Mbps, which is about the bandwidth of the server's Internet 
> connection, so expect a *lot* of packet loss.)  But you should be able 
> to hear recognizable audio.
>> Also, I mixed up big / little endian -- Macs are big endian of course.
> It's still possible that endianness problems are indeed to blame for 
> the problems that you're seeing, because to date I have tested this 
> only on little-endian machines (x86s running FreeBSD and Windows).  Or 
> perhaps the problem is specific to MacOS X, although not 
> endian-related???
> It would be nice to try to nail down where specifically the problem is 
> happening (i.e., streaming from a Mac, receiving/playing on a Mac, or 
> both).
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