[Live-devel] Jpeg live stream & OnDemandServer*

Andan Andan andan at mail.com
Sat Apr 24 13:40:42 PDT 2004

Sorry Ross fot my post dated "Sat Apr 24 10:47:43 PDT 2004"
Mail.com can not send header In-Replay-To
> Yes, but first you would need to create two new classes:
> 1/ subclass of "JPEGVideoSource" that encapsulates your JPEG source, and  .....
 It is done.
But you see the problem is I have live video(jpeg frame from capture device) in memory but ServerMediaSubsession need with "file descriptor" Do I have to rewrite ServerMedia.... -> ..... OnDemandServerMediaSubsession -> .....

May be I have another way?


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