[Live-devel] playing mpeg-4 video-MP4-ES-1 file

05020293 05020293 at lums.edu.pk
Wed Feb 11 19:29:25 PST 2004

Following your suggestions, I have been able to stream mpeg-4 video and have got the resultant
video-MP4-ES-1 file. I don't have any media player installed in LINUX and therefore I am using QuickTime and Real Player in Windows to play this file. I have renamed this file to temp.mp4 but the file is not being opened by these players.   The error message states that the file is not a valid mpeg-4 file.
Please let me know the solution to this problem. Moreover, please suggest any solution which doesn't require the use of any player in LINUX.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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