[Live-devel] How to use on ISP and suggestions

Mark Winslow martingerxt at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 10:17:23 PDT 2005

I'm trying to set up a video/audio server and am
wondering how people do it in a standard ISP
situtation.  Do you need a dedicated server, or are
there some ISP that will allow video streaming apps to
run on a shared server account?

Also, my goal is to set up a server that does Web tv
like the stations found on http://www.wwitv.com/.  Am
I in the right place.  Will the live libs do that?

Also, is there an easy way to calculate bandwidth
requirements?  I'm a bit curious about this company
AStream and their seemingly very cheap bandwidth:


For instance they offer 100 24/7 users at 300 kbps for
$1,323 per month.  A full tap that's equivalent to a
30,000 kbps connection for $1,323.  Is it that I don't
know where to look for bandwidth or does that seem
absurdly cheap?  Are they using statistical models
that assume they won't be doing all 100 users all the
time at the max rate?

I'm trying to figure out if I should go with an isp or
bring a pipe into my office.  Does anybody have any
thoughts on that question?  Right now I have a T1. 
Would that suffice for a limited number, say under 20


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