[Live-devel] mpeg and user data

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Why not using rtp extension?


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> Hi,
> we have developed a streaming server based on live555, that 
> gets mpeg4 
> frames and streams them as a MPEG elementary stream.
> Now I need to add some user data to each frame. I think that 
> the correct 
> way is to define a user data mpeg elementary stream, mux it with the 
> video stream and add the resulting transport stream as a 
> subsession to 
> live555.
> Is this idea correct? Can you give me some reference on how 
> to build a 
> user data ES and how to add it to the SDP (and other details 
> that I am 
> probably missing?).
> Many thanks for any help.
> Kind regards,
>      Sigismondo
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