[Live-devel] Implementing SET_PARAMETER and GET_PARAMETER

Matt Schuckmann matt at schuckmannacres.com
Fri Oct 31 10:12:43 PDT 2008

This is a continuation of one of my previous messages where I expressed 
the desire to implement SET_PARAMETER  (and by extension a more complete 

I'm actually starting to work on doing this and I want to try to make 
whatever I do something that can be applied back to the library for 
others to take advantage of, so here goes.

Ross you had suggested that I perhaps start by implementing a new 
virtual method on RTSPServer for SET_PARAMETER.

I looked into doing this in the code and I realized that RTSPServer 
doesn't actually handle most of the commands for each session instance, 
it's RTSPServer::RTSPClientSession which is a private member class of 
So it looks like I'll have to at the least make RTSPClientSession 
protected and provide a virtual constructor method to RTSPServer to 
create a new RTSPClientSession (or derived class) from 

I think I'll then need to virtualize all the handleCmd_* methods (or at 
least the GET/SET_PARAMETER ones) in RTSPClientSession so  that derived  
classes  can do there own thing here.

Does this sound something like what you were thinking Ross or were you 
thinking of something else?

Thanks for you input, and the great library
Matt Schuckmann

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