[Live-devel] Different io model in LiveMedia: io completion ports, kqueue, epoll ?

Paulo Rogério Panhoto paulo at voicetechnology.com.br
Tue Jan 26 16:56:49 PST 2010

Maybe this could be implemented in terms of a portable library such as ACE
or boost::asio. That is an interesting idea. I can volunteer myself to help
with it.



2010/1/26 Adam Mich <adammich2 at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Has anybody tried to replace standard select() loop in LiveMedia with a
> different asynchronous I/O mode ? Select() isn't especially effective, when
> it comes to sending or receiving a large number of small UDP packets over
> many connections, and it is the most often scenario in RTP applications.
> Even more important - it is hard to merge your own event queue with select()
> loop - there is no easy way to break out from select() on some external
> event. It would be great to have a few different backends for network event
> dispatching - most systems have their own asynchronous I/O modes and it
> should be relatively easy to implement them in LiveMedia.  I know there is
> TaskScheduler I can reimplement, but I need also a control over
> creation/destruction of a socket and over sending and receiving data ( in
> Windows you have to use non standard functions instead of send() and recv()
> ) - something like Socket class. Any help ? Anybody did it already ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kamil
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