[Live-devel] Live555 DLL rather than static libs

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It turns out that I already have CMake-Gui to do this, and did not realize it.  This causes it to generate an export.def file with decorated names of the symbols.  Unfortunately, I must generate four of these (x85,x64, debug, release) because the decorated symbols are different for some of the symbols.

Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem when I build any of the testProgs that use the OutPacketBuffer::maxSize variable.  Visual Studio expects static public data to have a __declspec(dllimport) in the mediaSink.hh file before the definition of maxSize, or any static data that is defined this way.  Otherwise, it is not accessible.  I presume that this is for security reasons, but I am not sure.  I can always modify the mediaSink.hh file, but I want to avoid that at all cost.  In general, our legal staff will never approve the use of modified GNU licensed software.  It seems that the WEB is full of trolls which search for corporations which use GNU licensed software, and have failed to publish or comply precisely with the license, and either charge us a fortune, make us publish all of our source code.  That is why every GNU license software must be in a DLL to isolate the software.


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I have this project building as a Dlll on Windows without any code changes.

CMake is my build system though (never used CMake GUI) so I can simply set in my main CMakeLists.txt:


This option does a lot of magic for MSVC that I never cared to look into, but it does work.


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> I am equally confused, but I believe it is because none of the other static variables are called/used in your base libraries.

The other two examples I noted
are definitely used in the code.

And unfortunately "OutPacketBuffer::maxSize" appears several times in the code, so I don't want to change this just to appease one buggy compiler.  Sorry.

Ross Finlayson
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